Honoring Our Veterans

Capital Cardiology Associates is proud to support the Troy Military Banner Committee and WNYT News Channel 13’s “אנחנו מצדיעים לך” hometown heroes in honoring our veterans

Troy Military Banners

Honoring Troy’s Veterans

From the Revolutionary War to present day servicemen, throughout the streets of Troy, ניו יורק, you will find banners honoring Collar City veterans. Along with each veterans photo is a their name and dates of service, giving residents the opportunity to discover the great deeds many performed and the stories you never knew.

The Troy Military Banners Committee purpose is to provide a means to honor veterans and their sacrifices, while also providing information on who they are and what they for future generations.

Each banner location is listed on the Troy Military Banner site, along with biography of the veteran.

Capital Cardiology Associates is a proud official sponsor of the Troy Military Banner Committee. To learn more on a banner for your loved on, לחץ כאן.

NewsChannel 13 features one of our hometown heroes every day on newscasts and באינטרנט.

אנחנו מצדיעים לך

Recognizing our Hometown Heroes

אנחנו מצדיעים לך is a year-long recognition on News Channel 13 that salutes the local men and women who have proudly served in our military. Each day one service member is featured in News Channel 13’s newscasts.

אנחנו מצדיעים לך service members are broadcast daily on WNYT as well as being featured online.

Capital Cardiology Associates is a proud official sponsor of the “אנחנו מצדיעים לך” program. To learn more on having your solider saluted, לחץ כאן.

Honoring those who have served

Our Veterans

Capital Cardiology Associates proudly salutes our veteran staff members.
Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

ד"ר. קווין M. וודס

ד"ר. Woods served as Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. צבא, פרופסור קרדיולוג צוות ו עוזר לרפואה במרכז וולטר ריד הצבאי הלאומי לרפואה בוושינגטון, DC. אמנם יש הוענק לו את ההבחנה של המטפל מאסטר.

ד"ר. לאנס Sullenberger

ד"ר. Sullenberger served four years on active duty service as Major at Walter Reed as a staff cardiologist, שם קיבל מספר פרסים עבור הוראתו של התושבים עמיתי.

James Savaria Jr., CMA

James served as a Petty Office 1st Class for 15 years in the US Navy. He spent most of his career on board submarines cooking for the crew. He earned several commendations and awards.

Michael Tuch, RCS/LPN

Served in the United States Air Force as weather tech from 1973-76.

Tom Gardner, Nurse

Served in the Army for the 1st Armored Division and 3rd Infantry Division, while stationed in Germany. Thomas was Distinguished Honor Grad of his AIT Class, served as a combat lifesaver and cook supporting many different units while deployed/in training. He was Soldier of the Quarter for the 3rd Infantry Division and received several Army Achievement Medals and an Army Commendation Medal.

Proudly Veteran-Led

יותר מ 2.5 מיליון עסקים לארה"ב. רוב שהיו בבעלות על ידי ותיקים. כחלק ממאמץ רחב יותר להשתמש בטכנולוגיה כדי לעזור לקהילה הוותיקה, Google began identifying local businesses as Veteran-Led on Google Search and Maps in late August of 2018. Associates קרדיולוגיה קפיטל קיבל תכונה זו בספטמבר 2018.

Our הלב גישה משופרת Suite, ממוקם בקומה ה -4 של מיקום תאגידי וודס שלנו, הוא ותיק-בהנחיית בני הזוג. לאנס Sullenberger וקווין וודס. אנו מודים להם על שירותם לארצנו. We salute the care and leadership they provide to our patients and staff – כל יום!