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Can Doctors Predict Heart Attacks?

Are doctors close to predicting heart attacks? Dr. Robert Benton breaks down new research on a detection system under clinical trial, known as the Fat Attenuation Index (FAI), to measure plaque and detect risk of future heart attacks.

World Stroke Day

Monday, October 29th is World Stroke Day. Join Capital Cardiology in the effort to raise awareness of stroke prevention, treatment and support. The fact is, stroke is largely treatable and with healthy lifestyle changes, starting today, you can reduce your risk of becoming a statistic this year.

Canadian Healthcare System

The question on the level of quality of care in “public” health systems versus private programs frequently comes up. When comparing the US and Canadian systems there is no clear winner. “Our passion, as doctors, is in providing the highest level of care for our patients.”

Making Sense of Medication Package Inserts

It is not unusual to pick up a prescription and receive a very long and detailed medication package insert. What does the fine print mean? Your pharmacist can help clear the confusion and help you understand what the information means.

Life After A Heart Attack

A heart attack is the most serious thing that you can come across, next to a stroke. It’s not uncommon for patients to describe their heart attack as a “life changer.” Dr. Robert Benton, Clinical Research Director at Capital Cardiology discuss life after a heart attack.

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