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Canadian Healthcare System

The question on the level of quality of care in “public” health systems versus private programs frequently comes up. When comparing the US and Canadian systems there is no clear winner. “Our passion, as doctors, is in providing the highest level of care for our patients.”

Making Sense of Medication Package Inserts

It is not unusual to pick up a prescription and receive a very long and detailed medication package insert. What does the fine print mean? Your pharmacist can help clear the confusion and help you understand what the information means.

Life After A Heart Attack

A heart attack is the most serious thing that you can come across, next to a stroke. It’s not uncommon for patients to describe their heart attack as a “life changer.” Dr. Robert Benton, Clinical Research Director at Capital Cardiology discuss life after a heart attack.

Congestive Heart Failure

The term “heart failure” makes the condition sound like the heart is no longer working at all and there’s nothing that can be done. Actually, heart failure is a term used to describe a heart that cannot keep up with its workload. Heart failure is a serious condition, and usually there’s no cure.

Bioprinting A New Heart

Scientists and researchers are working on creating 3D heart components from living tissue. Their goal is to someday print heart valves that have the ability to grow and live with patients. This objective goes far beyond the science used in current prosthetic or replacement valve options.

Gut Bacteria and Your Heart Health

An innovative study finds a link between gut bacteria and our heart health , highlighting the importance of physical exercise, a heart healthy diet, and limiting antibiotics for keeping both at optimal levels.

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