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Know Your Numbers

Most Americans don’t know what bad blood pressure numbers are according to a new study from the American Heart Association. “I can understand why people don’t have a great grasp on their blood pressure numbers,” says Dr. Jeffrey Uzzilia. “There has been a lot of confusion over the new blood pressure guidelines.”

Stress and Heart Disease

A new study connects the impact of stress from high-strain jobs in the development of atrial fibrillation. “We find that heart disease is much more prevalent in service oriented jobs where you have to go from 0 to 100 miles per hour, like fire fighters and police officers. That risk occurs not only when they are on the job but also after they retire,” said Dr. Jeffrey Uzzilia of Capital Cardiology Associates.

Enhanced Cardiac Access Suite at Capital Cardiology

During a cardiac event, every second counts. “One of the first things we learn in cardiology is that time is muscle,” said Dr. Jeffrey Uzzilia from Capital Cardiology Associates. The Enhanced Cardiac Access suite is one of the best things we have ever done We wanted to provide better access for immediate care.”

The Mediterranean Diet Plan

The Mediterranean diet is exclusively recommend by cardiologists, The American Heart Association, and Mayo Clinic to decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease while promoting weight loss.

Do Smoking And Soda Bans Work?

“There is an interest in your government, believe it or not, in having you live a healthy lifestyle,” declares Dr. Robert Benton. “The costs of health care are huge in this country. We could save so much if people ate a healthy diet and exercised. Why not let people know that? Why not remind people of that? Not to the point of being onerous but allowing you to make your own decisions, giving you the information to be confident with your lifestyle choices.

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