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Effective 05/18/2021

Per CDC and state guidelines, as we are a healthcare facility All Patients and Visitors are to wear a mask while at cca.

We are providing (at no cost) surgical masks to protect patients, visitors, and our staff during the pandemic.

Surgical Mask


“A medical mask, properly used, is definitely superior to a face covering.”


The CDC says that “for now, if you’ve been fully vaccinated, you will still need to follow guidance at your workplace and local businesses.”


Read our latest COVID policy as well as Frequently Asked Questions on the COVID-19 virus and vaccine, answered by our clinical pharmacists.

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Investing in Public Health

Investing in Public Health

“Public health is a quiet secret that exists in the background. People only hear about their local health department when there is a problem,” says Dr. Oscar Alleyne.

The Flu Forecast for 2021

The Flu Forecast for 2021

Every year, it seems we deal with a devastating strain of the flu. This year, the term “twindemic” captures the overlap of the flu and COVID pandemic. “Certainly what we are concerned about is the twindemic, that cases of both influenza and COVID present in the same person. That would be quite devastating.”

Healthcare trends for 2021

Healthcare trends for 2021

Forecasting healthcare trends for the ensuing year in standard times usually considers examining the current focus’s effect while balancing future needs. But we do not live in normal times. COVID will continue to be a massive demand in 2021, but two other major areas will most likely emerge.