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יש לענות על שאלות התרופות שלך על ידי חברת Capital Cardiology Associates’ רוקח קליני, ד"ר. קייט קברל

Kate Cabral
ד"ר. קייט קברל Kate Cabral earned her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD.) from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She completed a post-graduate pharmacy practice residency, as well as a cardiology specialty residency, at Boston Medical Center. ד"ר. Cabral practiced as a clinical pharmacy specialist in cardiology at Boston Medical Center and a clinical pharmacy specialist in anticoagulation at Maine Medical Center before returning to New York. She currently is an Associate Professor in Pharmacy Practice at מכללת אלבני לרוקחות & מדעי הבריאות.

ד"ר. Cabral is a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, a Board Certified Cardiology Pharmacist and an Associate of the American College of Cardiology.

ד"ר. Cabral sees patients at the Southwoods office and works along with our team of physicians, מתרגלים מתקדמים, and nurses, to provide the highest quality of cardiac health care to our patients.

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Does this new medication interact with any of my other pills?”
Is it safe for me to take this over the counter medication?”
I saw on the news that this medication might cause muscle aches, hair loss, or issues with my libidodoes it?”
I have no idea what this pill is for or why I even need it?”

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▸ A new cardiovascular medication prescribed to you
Help with remembering to take your medications
▸ Information about when to take your medicationswhether over-the-counter, herbals or with other prescription medications
Answers on side effects or other drug related concerns

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